“1234” Exhibition In Cambodia,Siem Reap (2017/01/15-02/15)

I held a group exhibition at the art gallery “1961” in Siem Reap, Cambodia.
I and the member of the art label n/RANK ENTERTAINMENT decided to open this exhibition when our label had existed.We are actually dissolved now.

In this exhibition, I not only displayed a new work “PEDDY POT 2016“, but also showed former ones “2813” and “PATTERN.75” by using projector.

The progress of the exhibition was reported in the local newspaper Phnom Penh Daily.



FUCTORY VOX vol.5 (2013/09/11)

A fashion organization, FACTORY invited nationally renowned owners of local boutiques including Mr. Yosuke Tanaka (iii3), Mr. Yuki Fujii (fro, nowhere), Mr. Shinji Miyashita (seltie), Mr. Ituki Maeda (Doctor Feelgood), and Mr. Taisuke Shibuya (NAMELESS), and held a talk session with about 200 people audience.

The event’s main theme was “What is happening now in rural areas?” More specifically, the background of new fashion culture in rural areas as well as motivation of those who work impressively as creators in Tokyo after learning fundamental fashion backbones at their locals were discussed in the talk session of the event.

Fortunately, I had an opportunity to exhibit all T-shirts I had designed at that moment in the event. Furthermore, I set up the environment that enables you to view my web-site showing design of T-shirts as well as commentary panel of graphics through iPad.



“Hachista!2013”  in Hachioji Tokyu Square (2013/05/17-21)

I participated exhibition supported by Tokyo Hachioji city group. Total 80 artwork were exhibited at Hachioji Tokyu Square.



Fashion Show ”Hilitte” (2013/04/02)

A T-shirt was also used in Fashion Show “Hilitte”, held at Clubasia of Shibuya. More than 300 people attended the event in the rainy day. The T-shirt was GRAPHICS Part. 33,43, which fashion models wore in the show.


Kanto Area Art School Design Graduation Project Week (2013/02/01-02/03)

My works have been featured in the kanto Area Art School Design Graduation Project Week, a joint exhibition of graduation pieces by students from five different universities: Tama Art University, Musashino Art University, Joshibi University of Art and Design, Nihon University Department of Art, and Tokyo University of Art and Design. The kanto Area Graduation Project Week was hosted at Art-Lab Hashimoto in Midori-ku, Sagamihara-shi, Kanagawa prefecture.

For years, the kanto Area Graduation Project Week has only held fine art based joint exhibitions, such as paintings or sculptures, but for the first time we were able to display our pieces in a design-based joint exhibition. The addition of the design-based joint exhibition has been popular within the community of students. The new joint exhibition grabbed the attention of the Asahi Newspaper, prompting the reporters to interview the artists.


Nihon University, Department of Art, Faculty of Design, Graduation Works Committee (2012/12/14-12/15)

When handing in our graduation pieces, we printed our works onto cloth. The intention was to demonstrate that our designs were versatile and more than just artwork.

They could be applied to a variety of things. The size of the cloth for my design was 170 cm x 110 cm. Kaikousha was the company in charge of taking my design and printing it onto cloth. The material I chose was suede which has been used in luxury tapestries, curtains, and flags. I had also wrote commentaries to accompany my work.

Our pieces were roughly displayed, and at the time I had never expected the exhibition would open up so many opportunities for me.