The most essential theme of a design, PATTERN.75 is to give viewers an idea that the design is not as complicated as it looks, rather it can be produced by a simple figure and its combination, through the perspective of the design of geometric patterns with commentary. Moreover, PATTERN.75 is designed with a thought that every viewer can enjoy watching it and be more interested in such field.




For that, I not only make geometric patterns and exhibit the design but also provide description of all the patterns in order for viewers to understand the process and composition of the patterns.

The picture above is a sample of actual graphics and commentary. The commentary includes the graphic number, the figures, color ring, and combinations.

Even if a design is composed of only three types of figures, kinds of the combination are enormous, hence I limited it to 75 types. I used three types of figures (circle, triangle, and rectangle) and three different sizes (large, medium, and small – sorted by area), and I chose what was regularly assembled them.

Needless to say, technique and theory is essential for design production, but I believe it is also important for even those who do not know so much about design to realize the interest of shape created by a combination of simple figures when they see my works.